Thursday, January 11, 2007

What Is The Web-Master Project?
It's a high-tech way for YOU to collect $50,000 per month With NO INVESTMENT WHATSOEVER- If you can reliably switch on a computer
Definition:The Web-Master Project is a worldwide network of independent web sites run by our sales team. It is set up in such a way that it can channel multi-thousand-dollar commissions from the worldwide sales of selected products straight into YOUR bank account.
What Do We Do?We are currently seeking to recruit more Web-Masters such as yourself to motivate and organize our marketing people.The Web-Master Project relies upon a thousands-strong worldwide network of highly motivated independent sales people to make one or two sales each per month over the internet from their home computers.These sales combined together generate huge commissions which are paid to Web-Masters like YOU just for motivating and supporting OUR marketing people.The Web-Master Project was created to allow any person with a reasonable grasp of English, and the ability to follow simple instructions, the opportunity to make themselves $50,000 per month, every month.
Who Do We Want?
The Web-Master Project is not a scheme which encourages idlers to Register and then do nothing.We are looking for reliable and serious minded people who can be trusted to keep plugging away week after week and motivating their team of home marketing staff in exchange for big cash rewards paid monthly.Particularly, we want people who have spent some time searching the web for products or business opportunities and following links and advertisements as this means they will have experience of what our people are working with.Mature people are particularly welcome as we value their maturity and life experience. This comes through when communicating with young sales people.So if you want to make money for doing nothing The Web-Master Project is not for you.But if you want to make a lot of money for doing something quite easy The Web-Master Project could be for you.
What Does It Cost?There is ABSOLUTELY no charge for you to Register and take part in The Web-Master Project.There is no requirement for you to pay anyone in this business at all, at any time.Let me say that again:
What Will I Have To Do To Collect My Money?The full instructions follow shortly but in summary you will have to:
Register on our database as a Web-Master so we can communicate with you and know who to send money to.
Read an explanation and set of instructions in your Back Office (Which we provide for you FREE after Registration) and confirm after each page that you have read and understood them.
Follow the instructions from the comfort of your computer: Once you are organized and familiar with the system this will involve some internet searching and copying of text. Perhaps two hours per week.
Read weekly updates coming to your back office over our web-based communications system to keep informed of current company events.
Use our web-based communications system to motivate your group of marketing staff.
How Difficult Is This To Do?
None of what you are asked to do need cost you any more money than surfing the 'net. Nothing you are asked to do is more difficult than opening an eBay account. The one thing we require, and value above all else, is your persistence and determination in motivating your marketing group.You will have to contact them by a sort of mass-email though our system at least once a week. Almost all administrative contact in our company is done through net-based messaging to avoid emails going astray.
Do not worry we show you exactly what to do.
What Happens After I Have Registered?
After Registration you will be provided with a log-in facility to your own "Back Office" where you can watch your income grow. This is also where you will communicate through our web-based messaging system with both the people making the money for you and the managers of this project. You will also learn the full process by which you can channel $50,000 per month straight into your own bank account. Before you Register with us you might wish to see a selection of unsolicited Testimonials from some of our happy and successful Web-Masters.
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" Come and join us - it's the best thing I have ever done. "
f you are unsure about proceeding you can contact them at:

Where Do I Start?
The first thing you have to do is Register with The Web-Master Project by entering your contact details so that we can pay you. Do take care entering your details as we don't want your electronic payments or checks/cheques going missing. After you have done that you will be given access to the full Instructions and your own Back Office. To view the Registration Page please CLICK HERE
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